Sunday, May 20, 2012

Angry Birds Weekend

While everyone is hooked on Angry Birds, Lance completely has no idea about them.

Coolness for him, so far, are Elmo and Barney. Thus, we went to meet these online game rock stars:

Angry Birds

It was actually Mareng Ephy's idea to meet at SM City Cebu mall yesterday. She was already there together with her four-year-old Kitoy when she texted me to come over with Lance for an Angry Bird event.

"It would be fun," she said.

When we got there, I was made to purchase an Angry Bird shirt so Lance can go inside their activity area where kids can have their arms, cheeks, and legs painted, take photos with the characters, and participate in the children's games.

Lance didn't do any of that. For a one-year-old, fun means running around and bumping other kids. He also bonded with his ninang after playing hard-to-get at first.

Cranky Lance

Angry Bird Wanna-Be?

I Love Ninang Ephy!

Angry Bird No More

Can I go there, Mommy?

Lance, you're supposed to pose with them not break them. :-D

The Chick Magnet

Lance in the middle of the Bring-Me Game.

Kuya Kitoy's Angry Bird Paint Tattoo!

Angry Birds would still be at SM until today. Catch them while you can. 

Happy Weekend! ;-)

Happy Thought:
Lance had another fun weekend.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Luna Blanca

I met the cast of GMA 7's newest soap Luna Blanca last Sunday. 

Camille and Chynna requested to see any articles that would come up from that afternoon's press conference. The two were very nice and down-to-earth  so who am I to say no. 

We are only connected through Twitter and I can't figure out a way how I can lead them to this article since our digital newspaper application has no social media sharing capabilities yet. Hence, this post. 

Please click on the photo to read the article and find out more about Luna Blanca. 

Happy Reading! Ü

Minutes after publishing this post, I figured out how to upload a photo to twitter from a PC. Sorry, techno-moron here so I thought I can only tweet a photo from a mobile phone. So anyway, I later tweeted this:

Camille, Chynna, and Mona Louise (I didn't know she tweets or maybe this is a fan page account?) retweeted and favorited it. Then, the sweetest of all sent this:

Contrary to the kontrabida roles she play on TV, Chynna is really nice and sweet.

Again, Luna Blanca is airing on Monday. Hope you will have time to watch it. ;-)

Happy Thought:
I am blogging again! :D

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tsunami prank caused public scare in Cebu

When an earthquake with 6.9 magnitude hit Cebu around 11:49 a.m. today, I wasn't shaken. 

In fact, I managed to post "Earthquake!!!" in my Facebook and Twitter accounts while the rest of my colleagues are already under their tables.

The earthquake only rocked our building for less than a minute. Everyone was told to leave right after the floor stopped shaking. 

Upon reaching the safe ground, I immediately called my mom at home, where she and my one-year-old son were left alone. I wanted to check if she and Lance felt the earthquake, too. 

"O uy! (Oh yes!)" she confirmed, "Kusog kaayo ang uyog sa balay pero okay ra mi  (The earthquake shook the house hard but we're okay)." 

She added that Lance didn't even cry. To be honest, I was less worried knowing that my mom hurdled many earthquakes in her lifetime.The worst was in 1990 at 7.8 magnitude. For sure, she knows what to do.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Cebu Pacific: Budget Fares to Europe Soon!

Chatting with a friend based in London last night led to serious planning for me to fly to Europe. 

I went on searching for airfares that night to know how much I should save for that long overdue trip. 

Then, I found this today:

Please click image to enlarge.
My good friend Karen, who works as a flight attendant for Cebu Pacific, posted it on Facebook. 

What a coincidence, right?

I really look forward to this good news because for sure the money that I need to save would now be way too lower than initially planned. Hopefully. Ü

So for travel junkies out there, don't break those piggy banks yet and stay tuned for further announcement from Cebu Pacific. 

See you again in 2013, Europe. ;-)

Happy Thought:
Europe Here I Come! Ü (Thinking Positive)

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A1 to visit Cebu


Yes, you read it right.

British-Norwegian boy band A1 will be here in Cebu not to throw a concert though but visit their charity beneficiary in Mactan. I still have to confirm the details as I only just received this news today. A British source told me that the group will fly in first here in Cebu before their concert in Manila on February 25 at the Araneta Coliseum.

I will keep you posted. ;-)

Happy Thought:
They are coming!

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Year at the Moevenpick (Part 1)

Being a journalist has its perks. 

You can get up close and personal with your favorite celebrities, receive free concert and movie passes, go on several junkets, and enjoy expense-free stay at plush hotels.

At the close of 2011, I felt happier being a journalist. For the first time, I was invited to welcome and celebrate the New Year's Eve at the upscale Moevenpick Resort and Spa Cebu in Mactan together with my whole family!

Follies de Mwah

Formerly known as Cebu Hilton, the hotel now carries a distinct Swiss hospitality brand under the Moevenpick Hotels and Resorts Management Group.

To boldly mark its first New Year in the Philippines under a new management, the hotel threw a night of Vegas-style musicale with the internationally-acclaimed theater performance group Follies de Mwah of the famous Club Mwah in Manila to entertain and delight guests, friends, families, and some members of the media who chose to welcome 2012 with them.

The Witty Host
Jude Bacalso, Cebu's famous multi-media personality.

Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama and former city councilor Joy Pesquera are among the event's distinguished guests.

Pompous and glittering props and costumes conquered the stage along with the funny musical acts of gay performers.

My family, however, was more amazed with the sumptuous dinner feast we had before the show.

Dinner Buffet
Meat Lovers Station
Cebu's Lechon, Ham, and Roasted Beef.
Salad Station
French Macaron Tower

Concluding the show was a countdown to 2012, which was welcomed by a 30-minute fireworks display at the resort's beach front.

Chef Terry Styles
The down-to-earth international chef who prepared the sumptuous dinner buffet. 

Lance, who fell asleep at the middle of the show, woke up at the stroke of midnight. He was still and quiet while watching the fireworks on my lap. Though not saying a word, my little boy kept on looking at the sky until the last shot of spectacle.

The Buenaviaje Brothers
Flanking me are Pareng Edd and Andrew.

It was a posh New Year celebration with dear friends and valued family. What else can I ask for.

Friends and Media Colleagues
Me, Niza, Jude, Adrian, Norman, Richard, Orly, Joy, and Mike.

Thanks to my editors Mimi and Niza for giving me the assignment and to Moevenpick for accommodating my whole family.

*Photos courtesy of Mike Acebedo Lopez, marketing communications director of Moevenpick Resort and Spa Cebu.

Happy Thought:
New Year. It's more fun in the Philippines! :p

Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Year, New Challenge

It's been a while.

The holidays left me defeated in my 28-Day Blog Challenge. No biggie. You somehow win when you lose. Looking back at the holiday blast I had, there's really no reason to fret. Besides, I can still throw another blog challenge for 2012. :D 

This time, though, I'll make it 30! Ü

Since I am still at a looking-back-feeling-so-blessed-and-happy mode, please bear if this blog would mostly go on retrospect. 

For starters and inspiration, let me share with you our first family photo for 2012 taken at the Moevenpick Resort and Spa Cebu. 

After all, surmounting life's challenges is easier with your family around.

Happy Weekend! Ü

Happy Thought:
Starting the New Year with Laughter. Happiness All Year Round! Ü

Friday, December 16, 2011

Spongebob visits CDN


We had our Christmas party at the office tonight.

Journalists, columnists, editors, and everyone who made this amazing newspaper running went to party even between deadlines.

Great food, good music, raffle prizes, and some superheroes gave our simple party at the newsroom a blast. I will be posting more photos soon.

I am not sure if Spongebob is a superhero but we're glad that he made it to our party.

He might become Lance's favorite soon so I took the chance to have a photo op with him. :D

Merry Christmas! Ü

Happy Thought:
Met Spongebob! LOL

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Birthmas Wishlist

Lance was born five days before Christmas. Practically, this little fella is entitled to only one present that is good both for Christmas and his birthday. Hence, the Birthmas Wishlist.

Niza, my editor and kumare, has long requested me to post what she dubbed as Lance's registry. She said, it would make gift shopping easier for her and fellow godparents. Actually, we were afraid everyone will send pairs of socks as prompted by my Facebook wall post on Lance's new shoes. :D

The following are items in my Christmas shopping list for Lance. It would be really nice if you can cross one out for me. Ü

Lance already outgrew almost all of his clothes. Actually, I really never bought much before thinking that he would only be staying at home anyway. Looking at his photos, however, I noticed that he has been wearing the same tee, given by one of his ninongs as Christening gift, every time we go out. The sleeveless pambahays, on the other hand, are already faded. So new clothes are very much welcome. He is size 1 if you're going to buy him some tees and Large for shorts and sandos.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Portal East is now in Cebu

Are you building your dream house?

You might want to check some high-quality uPVC windows and doors at Portal East, Inc. in A.S. Fortuna.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Mattress for Christmas, Anyone?

Lance and I live in a small apartment with his Granny and two Titos. Our humble abode is only fit for one big bed. Since we can’t fit all in the bed, some must sleep on the floor. When Lance came in, however, all of us had to take the floor. He doesn’t sleep on his crib, which is too small for a baby who moves too much while on slumber.

Currently, we only have one decent mattress at home. It’s a siesta Uratex mattress I bought at a department store last year. It’s a bit pricey but true to what the salesman prodded me to buying, the mattress is durable.

So when I received a press material from Uratex (what a coincidence!), I can’t help but go wishful thinking of getting one of these mattresses:

Allergy-causing microbes won’t grow on this mattress, which is great for babies and children.  It is made with first-class knitted fabric cover to create an exceptional combination of strength, comfort and long-lasting protection. (Price range Php 5,399.75 to Php 18,499.75)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lance's New Shoes

Florsheim Shoes

A power outage on a hot mid-afternoon led me and my folks to the mall today. Our initial plan was to only stroll and have ice cream. As we did our strolling, we ended up buying this new pair of shoes for Lance.

It's his 4th pair of shoes. Too many for a little fellow who can barely walk.

Actually, I was really planning to buy him some new kickers for his upcoming birthday. His feet grow really fast, which explains the number of shoes. I was looking for comfort, style, and durability that's why I checked on Florsheim, which has a wide display of nice shoes for kids below 12 months.

The store was on sale. So what can a great mommy do? Ü

His Granny protested at first because it is still expensive despite the discount. She doesn't want me to spend so much. Good thing his Tito came to the rescue, backed me up on my choice, and donated some money so it won't appear I overspent. Wise yeah?

Anyway, we really should get a pair as we have been trying lots of shoes on Lance for over half an hour. :D

To Lance, please make these shoes last for a year. Mwah!

Happy Thought:
He's got Florsheim. Ü

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Road

Would you drive to an eerie-looking road?

I would definitely not but actress Rhian Ramos took the road less traveled breaking all hell loose both on and off the cam.


The day after I threw myself a challenge to blog everyday, our publisher advised me to again beef up my writing portfolio of hardcore news.

Well, I was asking her if I can do a part-time copy editing job for the editorial team but was instead offered to do in-depth news features for the paper.

It made me think. It made me ponder.

Is this destiny calling me to go back to what I do best?

I am now trying to recall why I left the news team five years ago. What I can remember so far is that I had a great time.

CDN 2006
My last  group photo with the editorial team.

For now, I only have one sure thing to beef up--- my blog! Ü

Happy Thought:
Journalists are only as good as their last story.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

28-Day Blog Challenge

Hello December!

January is coming over pretty soon. For sure, I will be asked for some resolutions again. I know, I know. Since I won't be able to fulfil all of them, I only plan to succeed in at least one.

Blogging perhaps? Ü

I don't know really but I learned that it only takes 30 days to create a habit. Well, I only have 28 days before 2012. So let's see if we can make (a habit) and break (a record) on this challenge.

Well, one down! Ü Twenty-seven posts more to go. :p

Let's Go Blog, Mommy!

Happy Thought:
I'm excited.Ü

Monday, November 21, 2011

Forever 21 in Cebu

Crowd Frenzy

Queen City of the South's elite and fashionistas gathered Thursday night for the opening of Forever 21 outlet in SM City Cebu.

The two-level fashion store is the first F21 outside Manila further marking Cebu as the style mecca of the south.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Secrets and Fire

What is a fire award?

No, it's not an award for lazy bloggers nor a reminder that your blog should be burned for the lack of update.

Although what were mentioned can aptly apply, I'd rather want to call it as a LOVE award from one of my favorite bloggers Love2Type.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Happy Even After

Eleven days before the last decade closed, I became a mom.

I gave birth to a 7.12  lbs healthy baby boy through a successful Cesarean operation. I named the cord-coiler Lance.

One-Hour-Old Lance

I shed a tear (yes, just a single drop) on his first sound behind surgical cover. It was meek but momentous. There were no stereotypical furious cries not even an "It's a boy!" announcement (maybe because I already knew, thanks to ultrasound) but there was the inexplicable "tear" of joy in the advent of motherhood .

For someone who first got terrified on the sight of a double-lined pee stick, such melodramatic scene was unexpected.

Two Days After
Lance was finally roomed-in with me.

When motherhood first smiled at me, I welcomed it with so much worry and disappointment. I practically panicked. I felt not ready. The only good thing I want to remember the day I peed on that test stick was  that I stood firm in keeping the baby.

My faith taught me that God has a great reason for everything and I am proud that this time I was able to do the right thing---trust in Him.

Indeed, when an angel is sent to earth, miracles happen.

Love and support incredibly rushed in from almost everyone and everywhere that, friends say, I turned out to be a blooming and happy big fat pregger.

Five Months Pregnant at MYOH 5
With CDN colleague and kumare Neris Gochoco.

You see, I had a runaway baby-daddy. I don't come from a rich family. Note that during my pregnancy I was only working as a freelance journalist, who has no regular income and savings.

Still, I was able to go to prenatal check-ups without a miss, take the required supplements and vitamins, eat and drink anything I want, and give birth to a healthy baby boy in one of the best private hospitals in Cebu. It's really costly if not expensive to be pregnant but God makes a way.

If ever one of the strangers, friends, colleagues, and family, who made my pregnancy a smooth journey, finds this blog, please know that I would be forever grateful to you. For you guys made me welcome each sunrise with so much excitement as my bulge grew bigger each day. I may not be able to return all your love and support but rest assured that you made papa God smile.

First Night at Home
Lance was home in time for his Tito Ilgie's birthday.

My love tank was full when Lance made his touchdown on earth that night. I'm already happy while carrying him inside my womb but finally hearing God's greatest gift in the flesh still triggered so much joy proving that dramatic post-natal "crying" scene on TV happens indeed.

With three teeth peeping as he grins, the wide-eyed little fellow continues to unleash his super powers by giving me strength, contentment, and so much happiness.

Indeed, God has a great reason for everything.

I am blogging again, this time to chronicle and share my journey into motherhood. I may not be lucky to have  a story starting with the perfect once-upon-a-time fairy tale but somehow I am blessed to be happy even after.

Happy Thought:
I am a mommy! Ü