Sunday, May 20, 2012

Angry Birds Weekend

While everyone is hooked on Angry Birds, Lance completely has no idea about them.

Coolness for him, so far, are Elmo and Barney. Thus, we went to meet these online game rock stars:

Angry Birds

It was actually Mareng Ephy's idea to meet at SM City Cebu mall yesterday. She was already there together with her four-year-old Kitoy when she texted me to come over with Lance for an Angry Bird event.

"It would be fun," she said.

When we got there, I was made to purchase an Angry Bird shirt so Lance can go inside their activity area where kids can have their arms, cheeks, and legs painted, take photos with the characters, and participate in the children's games.

Lance didn't do any of that. For a one-year-old, fun means running around and bumping other kids. He also bonded with his ninang after playing hard-to-get at first.

Cranky Lance

Angry Bird Wanna-Be?

I Love Ninang Ephy!

Angry Bird No More

Can I go there, Mommy?

Lance, you're supposed to pose with them not break them. :-D

The Chick Magnet

Lance in the middle of the Bring-Me Game.

Kuya Kitoy's Angry Bird Paint Tattoo!

Angry Birds would still be at SM until today. Catch them while you can. 

Happy Weekend! ;-)

Happy Thought:
Lance had another fun weekend.


  1. You have a colorful blog, it's a shame you make such big pauses between your posts :). Keep on blogging , lovely lovely photos.

    1. Thanks Petronela! :-) Yeah, will try to make it up with my blog. :-D

  2. must be fun having a family time together. Can't wait to see him.

    1. Thanks, auntie. Same here, we miss you and the girls. :)

  3. seems that lance is having the time of his life.. ;)

  4. Your Lance is so cute! My ZJ knows a lot about Angry Bird, though he's 2 already. Good thing I don't have an Ipad for him to play with but he plays the Angry Bird ap on my facebook. Let's keep on blogging sis! :-)